Those Nights

Originally a three-man project, San Marcos’ Those Nights have evolved into a five-man festival. During a live performance, you are so entertained by each member of the band that your eyes are battling to look at two different performers at the same time. The same holds true for the ears in Those Nights’ self-titled debut. Throughout the album, Lindsey James (who in the band’s live shows can be seen spouting spoken word raps and tapping the bass drum with a mandolin swinging from his chest) provides a layer of rhythmic texture to the already neatly stacked variety of sound that includes the moaning of background vocals and the swanky, sexy trombone of Pete Martin. Those Nights creeps into unsuspecting air with a short instrumental intro, “Golden Mean,” featuring a soaring cello, eerie but soothing. After that, the second track, “Drought,” seamlessly introduces the rest of the band — most notably the soulful vocals and dancing keys of Evan Styles. The entire album plays off of this indie/folk/something that just sounds great flowing from beginning to end. It plays like a movie, gently ushering you from song to song and lyrically speaking for anyone who has ever struggled to do what they love. — LAUREN MECKEL

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