Why advertise with Lone Star Music Magazine?

  • We’re local:
    Founded in and based in Texas, Lone Star Music has specialized in Texas Country, Roots & Americana music for 16 years and running    
  • Well, we’re not only local:
    Since 1999, Lone Star Music has been championing the underground Country/Americana music scene, not only in Texas but to an international base that supports the strides being made in the Americana music industry as a whole.
  • We’re Social
    With a Facebook fanbase of nearly 50,000, a Twitter following approaching 25,000 and an Email Newsletter List of 55,000, Lone Star Music boasts one of the largest Social Media Presences of any Independent Record Store in the United States and larger than any Texas-based music magazine or blog.
  • We’re your storefront:
    Lone Star Music is more than just an online magazine: We are a full-service record store. Our e-commerce site, LoneStarMusic.com, has been an institution on the Texas music scene since 1999, and we are still going strong. We even have a physical brick-and-mortar record store in San Marcos, Texas, where we regularly host in-store performances by some of the biggest names in Texas music (along with plenty of our new favorite rising stars). Bottom line: We sell your CDs and LPs, your books and merch, and unlike other online music retailers, we reinvest right back into this scene. Your scene.
  • We’re your audience:
    In the literal sense, we are the artists’ audience; attending shows and festivals and constantly gobbling up CDs, vinyl and merch. We also represent and speak to the fans that are passionately invested in this scene, whether it bear the label of Texas Country, Red Dirt, Americana or simply Roots music.

When you advertise with LoneStarMusicMagazine.com or “buy local” and shop at LoneStarMusic.com — and at our physical store in San Marcos, Texas — you are doing more than just scoring great tunes and merchandise from your favorite Texas, Red Dirt and Americana artists. You are helping us invest directly back into the independent music scene that LSM was born out of more than a decade ago.

This scene is our livelihood, and we are committed to not only keeping it alive and thriving, but helping it grow. We are constantly discovering new music worthy of the LSM stamp of approval, and we love getting the word out to as many other fans as possible. 

It takes a lot of time, work, passion and money to keep the Lone Star Music flag flying, and we couldn’t do it without the loyal support of all of the fans, artists and other industry types who make this scene — in all of its diverse glory — so special. As “The Great Americana Music Store” — and more — we’ve been proud to be a part of the Lone Star Music scene since 1999, and look forward to continuing to serve it for many more years to come. Thank you for shopping at Lone Star Music and for helping us spread the word about the best music on the planet.

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