Lone Star Music was founded in 1999 as a one-stop shop e-commerce site for Texas music, mainly geared toward the genres of country, Red Dirt, folk, singer-songwriter, roots, and blues (all later tied together under the handy “Americana” label). LoneStarMusic.com was an out-of-the-gate success. By 2001, LSM, as it had became widely known, was named “Best E-Commerce Music Site” by TechTV, and Texas State University’s Institute for the History of Texas honored the company for its support of Texas music.

A few years later, LSM expanded beyond the Web and into the physical world with a brick-and-mortar record store, originally located in Gruene, Texas. In 2010, the physical record store was moved to a larger location (over 3,200 square feet) in San Marcos, Texas, right across the street from the Texas State University campus and rebranded as Superfly’s Lone Star Music Emporium. But although the store now carries a wide array of CDs and vinyl LPs of all genres, Texas and Americana music remains its specialty (just as it still is on the original e-commerce site, LoneStarMusic.com.)

Lone Star Music Magazine launched in 2007 with a mission to assist in the continued growth and historical preservation of the Americana music scene, in Texas and beyond. After makeovers in 2010 and 2014, the award-winning publication shifted away from print to take on the digital landscape in December of 2015. Nearly all of the previous issues of the print magazine were archived and uploaded, as were dozens of “Artist of the Month” Q&As from LoneStarMusic.com dating back to 2000. Meanwhile, a nearly full archive of physical back issues of the magazine can be found at The Center for Texas Music History Library on the Texas State Campus.

What they’re saying about LSM:

Dave Marsh, Sirius/XM radio host, author, renowned music critic
“This is not only the best thing I’ve read about Joe Ely, it is one of the best examples of music profiling I have ever read.” (commenting on editor Richard Skanse’s profile on Ely in the May/June 2011 issue on air during his Sirius/XM show)

Miranda Lambert: Proud Texan!
“When I start thinking about Lone Star Music it brings back a flood of memories for me. When I was getting started in the bars at 17 years old, me and mom always stayed glued to the Lone Star Music website to find out what was happening on the Texas music scene. When the magazine came out, it made it even easier to catch up on everything and everyone making our great Red Dirt/Texas Music. I am so proud to have my roots in the Lone Star State and the great music scene we have created. Thanks LSM Magazine for keeping our rich history and current scene out front.”

Robert Earl Keen, singer-songwriter, icon
“Thank you for the best article anyone has ever done on my career.  It was outstanding.”
(commenting on Sept/Oct 2011 Cover Story)

Chris Mosser, KVET-FM Austin TX, The Roadhouse
“Lone Star Music is a force of nature, and the magazine is so good lookin’ and well-written. Music articles that don’t appear to be written by groupies…that’s a good thing. I’m proud to be affiliated with Lone Star Music and look forward to a great partnership with them.”