Cool Your Heels
Vinyphone Records

Rockabilly ain’t new, but in the right hands neither is it broke or worn out. Some things, done well, can be classic and timeless. For proof, one need look no further than San Marcos’ the Georges, who have developed a fervid following over the last couple of years with their consistently killer live shows throughout the Hill Country (especially in New Braunfels). Their music is rockabilly with a twist: all burnished bop, nifty hooks, clean-cut harmonies and bad-boy swagger. Sure, they evoke the Beatles and conjure Elvis, but this is way more than just a retro thing. They’ve got something going on, and Cool Your Heels confirms that. It consolidates their live appeal and raises it. Fourteen tracks, all originals, and not a weak link or hint of filler in the bunch — just song after song of pure pep, pop and poise. Yes, the Georges have arrived. It’s a bold claim, but if you’re looking for some good-time, dance-friendly, lip-quivering an’ hip-shakin’ rockabilly boogie, there might be bigger, brasher or bolder combos out there, but — and this is hand on heart stuff here — there really ain’t none better. — ROSS FORTUNE

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