Bound to Find You Out

Adoniran Lipton and the rest of the boys in Austin’s Slowtrain play a highly melodic blend of Americana and pop, crisp warm tunes that strike rootsy and retro chords that will resonate with lovers of folk, blues, soul and classic rock. Bound to Find You Out’s opener, “Not the Only One,” brings to mind The Band playing a Beatles tune, without sounding overtly derivative. It’s a neat trick. The title track is a complete change of pace, a gritty blues with a sneering vocal from Lipton to compliment his waling harmonica. “Nobody Loves Me (Like You Do)” is a blues with a reverb-drenched, over-the-top rockabilly vocal, leading up to a brilliant processed guitar and organ coda. Other contenders include “Beautiful Soul,” a smoky late night blues full of glistening slide guitar accents, the faux Dylan romp “Just Like Cheever,” a tongue in cheek salute to the late literary icon, and the poignant lament, “Love Me Again.” — J. POET