Atenna Farm

Dana Falconberry’s despondent visions and unique vocal style will captivate anyone who looks at life with more suspicion than romance. The Austin songwriter’s simple melodies support lyrics blending plainspoken simplicity and subtle literary touches, producing music that’s as much gothic pop as it is wistful Americana. The arrangements here feature a mournful string quartet, reverb-soaked pianos, sparse dub effects, brittle steel-string acoustic guitars, mournful muted banjo and vocals full of a heartbreaking sense of longing and sadness. While there are a few sunny moments on Leelanau, at least musically, even those tunes carry lyrics that belie their sprightly melodies. It’s an autumnal record that faces the coming darkness with more trepidation than hope, but its somber tone has a compelling, hypnotic poetry that’s hard to resist. If you’re one of those souls intent on wallowing in gloom and melancholy, you’ll love spending time in Ms. Falconberry’s shadowy, overcast world. — J. POET