Coming Home

Texas regional radio has been kind to Brian Keane in the past three years. The Josh Abbott Band took Keane’s “I’ll Sing About Mine (The Tractor Song)” to No. 1, William Clark Green did the same with the Keane co-written “She Likes the Beatles,” and “She Left Me for Jesus,” Keane’s co-write with Hayes Carll, was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2011 Americana music awards. Building off of this reputation, Keane releases Coming Home, an album full of clever songwriting and distinctive storytelling that establishes him as an expert of lyrically focused modern country music. Stylistically, the songs are tight, fast-paced, and slickly produced. Keane has a soulful delivery, but his vocals remain reserved to allow the songs to speak for themselves. The hilarious “Eating for Two,” the refreshingly twangy “What You’re Missing,” and the Otis Redding-reminiscent “Do Something Wrong” all shine with wit and sly humor. Conversely, songs like “You Can’t Go Home,” “Coming Home,” and “Nothin’ Short of Disaster” display Keane’s ability to create personal and thought-provoking songs full of vivid imagery. Though the themes on the album never stray far from ideals of home and/or relationships, Keane’s dedication to strong lyricism still differentiates him from many of his contemporaries. — DALLAS TERRY

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