Zack Walther Band
Into the Fray

As a faithful follower of Zack Walther’s career dating back to his Rodger Wilco days, I’m tempted to call his latest release, Into the Fray, the best album of his career. But that wouldn’t be entirely fair to his previous output. You see, Zack is the type of artist that is constantly improving, always striving to get better at his craft. With each new album of his, up to and including this one, you hear an artist that is maturing and growing with each release. Into the Fray is a snapshot into his life right now. With a wife and new baby girl, he’s opening his soul and letting the world take a peak. These songs were road tested with his band for months before they made it to the studio, so they easily capture the spontaneous spirit of their live shows. They follow him effortlessly through a gamut of subject matters: the sleazy ex-manager (“Using My Words”); missing that special someone (“The Longest Night”); we’re all here, let’s party (“Tonight”); let me share the load (“Ease Your Mind”); and a father’s love for his new daughter (“Best Part of Me”). Walther is just one hit away from the brass ring and several songs from this album fall into that category, so hopefully the right people will hear this CD. You might just be that person. — DALE MARTIN