Way Too Fast
Self Released

The Jeremy Miller Band’s album Way Too Fast has been out for about a year now, but it’s brand new to me. Sometimes, bands fly under my personal radar like a treetop-clipping smuggler’s plane flying stealthily through the fog. I wish I’d discovered them sooner, but better a little late than never. Way Too Fast is tightly arranged and insightfully delivered with a smile of self-assurance that you are on the right dirt road and headed toward a good time. It’s a solid piece of work from the very first notes of the opening title song to the last refrain of the sad closer, “17 Wheels.” What’s more, the four, talented musicians in the band just happen to be the kind of genuinely nice guys you can’t help but want to pull for. They deserve to be heard and they deserve an honest shot at a long, successful career on the Texas scene and beyond. Do yourself a favor, like I finally did, and catch up to the Jeremy Miller Band and Way Too Fast. You’ll be glad you did. — R. SIMEON FRANKS