White Lines and Stars
Cypress Creek

Mitch McBain and Blake Myers have been writing songs and playing music together for nearly a decade, going back to the formation of their first band, Texas High Life, in 2003. But their latest, endeavor, Rosehill, didn’t take shape until 2008, after they reconnected after a spell apart and set about trying to get back to their roots and find a musical home again. The results caught the attention of famed Texas songwriter Radney Foster, who produced White Lines and Stars their first album as Rosehill. Foster’s unmistakable influence is written all over the chords, melodies and lyrics, and McBain and Myers shine on the delivery. They’ve said they’ve never before felt more “real” about their music, and it shows. They have a definite country sound, but still keep the rock flare and down-home authenticity that so many of fans of Texas and Red Dirt music search for. The guitars are poetic, the words intriguing, and the rock ’n’ roll kinetic. These guys have real potential to make a positive impact on this scene, and now is the perfect time to get on that road to Rosehill. — LINDSAY ROTHROCK