Pimps and Preachers
Perpetual Obscurity

Mississippi’s Paul Thorn is another “outsider” who has long had a loyal following in Texas. But unlike Eaglesmith, Thorn rarely strays off the musical road he’s known for, and his new Pimps and Preachers is par for his course: a potpourri of styles meshed into an Americana music lovers’ dream. The production is powerful and inventive, making good use of the Wurlitzer, and fresh melodies seem to come easy. Lyrics are thematic and personal throughout. On life in general, he writes “I Hope I’m Doing This Right,” which refers to his conviction that there is good in everyone. And on the title track, the preacher is his father, with his uncle being the (now reformed) pimp. The differences in those polarized ways of life make up the message that rings throughout the album, which, according to Thorn, all boils down to mercy and forgiveness. — TRACIE FERGUSON