Cha Cha Cha
Lonesome Day

Writing and performing “Americana” songs long before there was a genre by the name, Fred Eaglesmith is a true pioneer of alt-country-folk-rock-roots music. The Canadian fits so well in the Texas music scene that he’s been granted Honorary Texan credentials. But that doesn’t mean he’s easy to pigeonhole, as demonstrated by Cha Cha Cha. Some less adventurous “Fredheads” may be dismayed with Eaglesmith’s latest musical whim, which finds him playing with ’20s- and ’30s-era writing and production throughout much of the album. But don’t worry. Even if you don’t care for the new — err, old — mix, five out of the 10 songs here remain essential Fred Eaglesmith. Among the highlights are “Shallow,” a moving anthem reminiscent of Bob Dylan & The Band, and “Rebecca Street,” which will take you back to the hallowed “Drive-In Movie” days. Matty Simpson helps define the evolving Eaglesmith band with his creative keyboard, guitar and banjo work, while harmonies are tailored toward a century-old sound. If you give it half a chance with an open mind, you might just fall in love with this Cha Cha Cha— TRACIE FERGUSON