On April 15 — the day before the kick-off of their MMXVI World Tour in Antwerp, Belgium — the Dixie Chicks’ four Sony-era albums (aka the ones featuring Natalie Maines) will all be reissued on vinyl. Whether or not you plan on buying (or re-buying) one or all of them to add to your stack of wax, we wanna know: Which album by the ground-breaking Texas trio is your all-time favorite? Wide Open Spaces, the major-label debut that took the country music industry by surprise way back in 1998, or the blockbuster follow-up, 1999’s hit-packed Fly? Are you more partial to the predominately acoustic, Lloyd Maines-produced Home, which might have gone on to become their biggest seller ever if not for “the incident” — or the Rick Rubin-helmed comeback, 2006’s unabashedly unapologetic Taking the Long Way? Vote below and let us know. (Oh, and if you’re still riding the anti-Chicks hate-train and aren’t ready to make nice, just kindly move along now and let the rest of us have our fun, ya hear?)

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