Live at Billy Bob’s Texas
Smith Music Group

Cory Morrow’s Live at Billy Bob’s Texas CD/DVD combo may be as notable for what isn’t here as for what is. Absent are “Nashville Blues” and “Big City Stripper” (it’s on the acoustic version, sold separately, though), and the only frat-boy sing-along song found here is “21 Days.” Still, diehard Morrow fans — the kind who appreciate stuff beyond the obvious songs that most people identify Morrow with — will probably rejoice in hearing new live versions of all the songs that are here. And there’s no knocking the sound or the performance; the production is pristine, and Morrow’s excellent band almost outshines him on a few tracks. With more crowd noise, you could crank this one and feel part of the show itself. Have a listen, but don’t be surprised if you enjoy the DVD more than the CD. Then, pick up the acoustic album as well. And discuss. — CODY OXLEY