Live From Atlanta
ATO Records

Memphis-based roots-rockers Lucero have rightfully earned their name as a killer live act, especially after implementing a small horn section into their presentation in 2009. And with Live From Atlanta, recorded over a three-night stand at Atlanta’s Terminal West last November, the band serves up a grand 32-song opus that captures not only the heart and soul of their stage show, but the potency of their catalog as honed to perfection after 16 years in the trenches. Most of the songs here are faithful interpretations of the studio versions, especially the newer, soul and horn-infused “Juniper” and “On My Way Downtown,” but a sweaty grit is palpable throughout the entire marathon set. The greatest beneficiary of the live-concert treatment is “That Much Further West,” the title track from the group’s 2003 album. Augmented with not only new brassiness but a chugging-paced guitar licking on the heels of Ben Nichols’ grizzled delivery, the song is a triumphant blend of Stax soul and late ’80s Bay Area-punk. Like any great concert should, Live From Atlanta leaves you spent, exhilarated, and begging for an encore. — KELLY DEARMORE

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