Livin’ Out Loud 

Quietly lurking in the shadows of the Texas music scene, the humble yet immensely talented Clay McClinton — son of Delbert — hits a home run with his newest release, Livin’ Out Loud. Methodically planning his own musical destination since he was a teenager, the younger McClinton keeps a mental notebook full of tips from his dad and has used them wisely in conjunction with his genetic inheritance. He’s a natural-born songwriter and his personable, distinctive voice bears intriguing warmth. In fact, there is warmth to this entire album, a sign of someone who is comfortable with himself, combined with a natural ability for turning autobiographical stories into songs with appealing hooks and melodies. While he rarely mentions his heritage onstage, McClinton is a part of an elite group of offspring who have well-known musical fathers or mothers. The parents deserve immense credit for raising sons and daughters with character, but credit the kids themselves for having the guts to make their own sound. — TRACIE FERGUSON