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Reckless Kelly – Sunset Motel

Courtesy Josh Abbott Band
FeaturesProfilesVol 3 Issue 6

In Profile: Josh Abbott Band From “Taste” to “She’s Like Texas,” Josh Abbott’s rise has been a whirlwind

By Laurie Barker James (LSM Oct/Nov 2010/vol. 3 – issue 6) It would be tempting to call West Texas singer-songwriter Josh Abbott a copy of …

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Photo by Holly Brunkow
Cover StoriesFeaturesProfilesVol 3 Issue 5

LSM Cover Story: Meet the Welches Come one, come all, and bring the family: How Kevin, Savannah and Dustin Welch found their way to Texas.

By Richard Skanse (LSM Aug/Sept 2010/vol. 3 – Issue 5) PART 1 — Kevin Welch The Great Emancipation Songwriter’s songwriter Kevin Welch spent 30 years …

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Kerrville Folk Festvial founder 
Rod Kennedy and festival 
producer Dalis Allen.
Photo by Melissa Webb

LSM Cover Story: Kerrville Folk Festival City of Song: For 39 years (and counting), the Kerrville Folk Festival has drawn music lovers from all walks of life deep into the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Some come as legends or to launch their careers; others, just to escape the real world, if only for a week or three. But nobody leaves untouched by song — and without a profound understanding of the words “Welcome Home.”

Cover StoriesFeaturesProfilesVol 3 Issue 4

Artist Q&A's

Courtesy Josh Abbott Band
FeaturesQ&AVol 5 Issue 3

Q&A: Josh Abbott The fastest rising star in Texas country music talks fame, critics, sports, and a little hypothetical cannibalism.

By Cody Oxley (May/June 2012/vol. 5 – Issue 3) Does anyone have an opinion on Josh Abbott? Now there’s a silly question. More to the …

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Courtesy Ray Wylie Hubbard
FeaturesQ&AVol 5 Issue 2

Q&A: Ray Wylie Hubbard The Wylie Lama on life, death, damnation, Beatles, blues, and the fine art of grifting.

By Andrew Dansby (March/April 2012/vol. 5 – Issue 2) Ray Wylie Hubbard’s story is that of two men in their 20s. One was young and …

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Courtesy Sugar Hill Records
FeaturesQ&AVol 5 Issue 1

Q&A: Pat Green The prodigal king of Texas country on critics, coming home and the road ahead

By Chris Mosser (LSM Jan/Feb 2012/vol. 5 – Issue 1) Texas music is a unique beast. We are blessed to enjoy and take part in …

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AA – Terminal West